Nicky Geezy: The Digital Orchestrator

The digital landscape as we know is more overcrowded than an airport during holiday season. Nowadays, as long as you have an idea and a solid Wi-Fi signal you can call yourself a content creator. Beyond that, the power to share that content with thousands, even millions of viewers is literally at our fingertips. The age of new information is upon us and there most definitely is no escaping it.


On one hand, there’s undeniable beauty in the fact that we have the ability to connect with one another, discuss ideas, and build on each other’s talents thanks to social media. It’s made for quite the surge in new products and brands seemingly every day. The ugly side of that is, quality is harder to come by. To grow an interactive audience you’ve got to know how to make social media work in your favor.


Nicky Garcia, better known as Nicky G has built her career on mastering the art of social media strategy. Specifically working within the music industry, Nicky found her niche early and mastered it. She’s been able to leave a digital footprint for herself and her clients, helping them to standout above all of the noise online. Her past/current client list includes Sway Calloway of MTV/Shade 45, Island Records, Rick Dees, ooVoo, Kevin McCall, Grammy-Award Winning singer/songwriter Poo Bear, Mally Mall, Scoe and many more. With her expertise she’s been able to turn followers into communities for her respective clients.


On top of that, she’s doing the entertainment industry a great deal of justice with her platform! It’s all of the pop culture and music updates you want without the rumors and gossip. Yes ladies and gentleman it’s true, we can get our entertainment fix without worrying about who broke up with who this week. Nicky is an enthusiast of love, music, and creativity. She’s combined all three to create a genuine brand and respectable career to date. With all of the work she does behind the screen, a talent like Nicky’s deserved some spotlight. Check out our interview below in this edition of Movers and Shakers. Nicky Geezy style.

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  • Who is Nicky G? Give us your background. What was life like for you growing up and was there anything in particular that influenced your career choice?

“Growing up, music was everywhere. The first genre I remember hearing was Salsa. My mom would blast it when she would clean the whole house. That’s when I fell in love with live instruments. My dad would always be playing oldies in his car. Where I fell in love with soul. My older brother would play NWA, Dogg Pound & any other West Coast rap… where I fell in love with Hip-Hop. And I just naturally gravitated toward R&B. Hearing so much music growing up definitely played a huge part in deciding my career path.”


  • You started your career at Power 106 in LA and climbed the ranks ultimately finding your niche in social media and digital strategy. What was the process like for you in figuring out what direction you wanted to develop your expertise in?

“Ahh man. I had no idea. I just knew I wanted to be in the music industry and figured radio would be a good transition. While I was working in the Power 106 building I wanted to try it all & figure out what I liked – so I did. I actually worked on Power’s sister station’s street team. Then climbed to Promotions Assistant. Then Mando Fresko’s Night Show producer, then on-air covering for Liz Hernandez on Big Boy’s Neighborhood, and then running social media campaigns for Big Boy. The digital side was the most fun for me – so I stuck with it.”

  • What’s your opinion on the importance of digital strategy and social strategies for any brand? How do you define this kind of role in your own words?

“Nowadays, everyone is on Twitter, IG, FB, Snapchat… etc. If your demo, or your consumer, is adamantly using one of these platforms – why not be where they are? The trick is for your marketing to not sound like such an advertisement. For example, I strive on my work to be organic & creative. If I want you to know about Jake&Papa’s new single, I’m not gonna tweet “Check out @JakeAndPapa’s new single!” Boring. Instead, I’ll tweet something like, “Jake&Papa sampled Blackstreet’s ‘Don’t Leave Me’ in their new single. Great, now I’ll have it stuck in my head all day [followed by the link.]” It’s organic. But these kinds of moves (or tweets) are all strategized ahead of time. You need a plan and strategy in any position you hold. Social media or not.”


  • Do you think that social media and the power of the Internet have made it harder for quality music to stand out? How can artists use the Internet more productively to gain exposure?

“Hell yeah! First of all, if you’re an artist, stop the @ spams with a link to your music. Be creative with your approach. BE CREATIVE! Find out who your demo is. Find out where they mainly work or go to school. Find out which platforms they use the most – and be there. Be consistent with your content, and it will gain traction.”


  • What’s the selection process like for you in choosing which artists to shed light on with

“I have such a great reliable team, and they’re not just in LA. I have a writer in Chicago, Minneapolis, Texas, Florida and LA. They put ME on game! Lol. But I pay close attention to what’s bubbling. I really am in the trenches of our culture. I go to listening sessions, I inquire with my little brother to see what him and his friends are listening to… and if it’s good, I want to spread the word!”


  • Your current and past clients include the likes of Sway Calloway of MTV/Shade 45, Island Records, Rick Dees, ooVoo, Kevin McCall, and the list goes on. What is the biggest challenge for you in coming up with digital strategy for different clients and brand personalities?

“Good question. Being creative and creating digital strategies isn’t the challenge – it’s time. Having time for my clients and myself. We’re in the hustle-hard generation, but we forget that we need sleep, we need to eat healthy, and we need time for ourselves. I used to get so engulfed with work that I would forget that. To alleviate that challenge, I’ve let go of some clients or have passed them along to colleagues. I take on what I know I can handle and give 100%.”


  • What was the motivation behind starting Why was it so important to create a digital space that left out the celeb gossip? Describe the journey in bringing the idea to fruition and maintaining the growth.

“I was never a fan of gossip. Finding humor in someone else’s struggle is silly to me. I don’t care who’s in jail, who was spotted at a bar or who’s pregnant. I’d rather move the culture forward with some substance instead. Recently, Kanye West was on the Breakfast Club in NY. He was dropping gems!! But instead, blogs pushed headlines using Amber Rose’s name, & Kim Kardashian’s, Tyga’s & Kylie Jenner’s… WHO CARES? Why not focus on the game that he’s dropping? THAT’s moving the culture forward.

I created as a platform for positivity. Giving you music that is actually good – and not just mainstream. Giving you news that’s worth knowing. Giving a voice to those who have something good to say.”


  • You also manage singer/songwriting duo Jake&Papa. How did you come across that opportunity and what has the experience been like for you so far?

“I always knew I wanted to be in the music industry, just didn’t know how. While working a BET radio press junket with Power 106, I met Jake&Papa. We did an interview with them and kept in touch after that. A year later I had transitioned out of Power 106, saw an opportunity for us [Jake&Papa] to grow, and the rest is history. So far the experience has been incredible. The progression has been consistent and we have huge plans for the next year.”

  • You run your own site, perform digital strategy for multiple clients, and manage an entertainment act. How do you balance all of your responsibilities and make time for a personal life?

“GREAT QUESTION! I didn’t have a life for a while — until I learned balance and learned how to say no. I do my best to give time to what matters now. God, family, love, and my self-growth.”


  • Are there any people in particular that you look to for mentorship, inspiration or model your career after?

“Working closely with Sway has been such a blessing. I’ve learned a substantial amount from him and am honored to call him my mentor. I don’t model my career after anyone, but I look up to women like JLo, Liz Hernandez and Oprah. I aspire to be as timeless as them.”

  • What does the future hold for Nicky G? Do you have any projects coming up that we should look out for?

“I’m just aspiring to be great. I’m working on so many projects, events and collabs for this new year! Follow me on Twitter and IG @NickyGeezy for all the goods”

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