Dr. Webb Beat The Odds From The War On Terrorism To Giving Back To West Africa

Born and raised in the world’s prison capital of Louisiana, Dr. Antonio J. Webb, M.D. was determined to beat the statics of becoming incarcerated and instead, charted a path that would reveal his strength, perseverance and purpose. A story of his life’s journey, “Overcoming the Odds: From War on the Streets of Louisiana to war on terrorism in Iraq, how I successfully overcame the odds”, the physician shares intimate details of his troubling childhood. Dr. Webb hopes to show leaders of tomorrow that they too can lead a life of purpose despite a difficult upbringing.

Dr. Webb shares, “I started writing the book five years ago, because as I looked back over my life I realized I had an inspiring story to share. Despite sleepless nights and headaches I kept writing and stayed dedicated until the book was complete.”

As a child Dr. Webb was all too familiar with the violence and crime that surrounded his environment. However, under the strict guidance of his father who raised him and three other siblings, he chose to stay on the right path graduating from high school and entering the United States Air Force in his senior year of high school.

After serving eight years in the United States Air Force, Dr. Webb pursued a career in the medical field and began studies at Georgetown Experimental Medical Studies Program, which worked to prepare students from disadvantaged backgrounds for success in medical school. Dr. Webb continued with his education having earned honors in the fields of Renal, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Psychiatry and Critical Care ICU leading to his Doctorate of Medicine degree in 2014. . However, Dr. Webb contributes his work in Liberia, West Africa while attending medical school as a profound milestone of his career. “Going to Liberia to give back to the people in West Africa was a humbling experience. To serve the patients and connect with those who were very grateful for our presence was so eye opening and life changing.”

It’s been a long journey from a troubling childhood to becoming an honored soldier and award-winning medic. Dr. Antonio Webb, MD is aware of his amazing journey. “I don’t take anything for granted.” He says. “I know I am incredibly blessed.”

His amazing story, “Overcoming the Odds” is available at Books-A-Million, barnes&noble.com as well as amazon.com or visit: www.antoniowebbmd.com






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