Apple Seeks to Change Streaming Music, Rivaling Spotify

Apple users, rejoice! Today is the day the tech company launched a keynote to discuss and unveil its latest endeavor, Apple Music. Designed to rival current popular music subscription & streaming applications like Spotify and Tidal, Apple Music will be available to users June 30th, 2015, allowing them to sign up for a free trial period of three months, before the subscription charge of $9.99 a month for an individual plan or $14.99 for a family plan (for up to 6 people) kicks in. Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 5.46.48 PM

Amongst some of the most important aspects and features of Apple Music is Connect, a way to discover music, snippets, behind-the-scenes action, candid photos, and much more from your favorite artists, from major labels to unsigned hype. Hip-hop and R&B giant, Drake, was at today’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) keynote to discuss Connect and what it means for Apple. In a surprise twist of fate, the crooner announced that his next album will be released via Apple Music and its Connect feature. Users can even comment on posts and artists can respond directly, so no more waiting by your phone hoping you’ll get a Twitter notification that Juicy J saw and actually responded to your tweet. The video below is Drake’s portion of the keynote.

In addition to being able to see rare info and footage from all the artists you know and love, Apple Music becomes one with iTunes. That means, everything you’ve already got saved to your iTunes library on your phone will still be available with the added bonus of being able to discover music new and old right within the same app. With its enhanced search engine, Apple Music will be able to remember things like local or Apple Music library searches, and improved integration with Siri means you’ll be able to ask her just about anything, from playing a specific song to playing all the top songs from 2001 (or whichever decade you choose). Users will also be able to listen, download, and stream music from other company playlists like Shazam, Pitchfork, and Rolling Stone Magazine. Apple Radio also gets a makeover with Beats 1, a live  24/7 broadcast from cities around the globe, you’ll be able to hear the same amazing music listeners in London are currently enjoying.

With the membership, you get the added benefit of skipping as many tracks as you’d like, much like competitors such as Pandora or Spotify. You’ll be able to save music and playlists for offline enjoyment, save content from Connect, and even add more Apple Music content to your current library. The Discover feature allows you to find music just about anywhere in any genre for any reason. And just like everything else Apple, you’ll be able to listen to and enjoy Apple Music on all of your iOS devices. Even Android users will be able to love Apple Music, though the features for them will be limited to paying members only. The Android version is expected to be released in the fall. Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 5.46.24 PM

This could be a huge step for Apple,  and I’m personally excited, mainly  because this will alleviate the need for  me to have multiple music  applications on my phone. I currently  have 805 songs stored in my library,  Spinrilla, Youtube, and Spotify; for  me, Apple Music is going to be a great  way to free up some space on my  phone and not have to switch between different applications because I may have one song or album on one and a whole other set of songs or albums on another. And instead of paying subscription fees to multiple services (which – face it – can add up every month), I can pay one fee for one service and get all the music and content my little eyes and ears can handle.

Only 22 more days until Apple Music is released, and I’m already making a list of albums, songs, and artists I need to follow ASAP! Check out highlights from today’s keynote here or watch the film or the TV ad and see what all the hype is about!


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