The Jubilee Project: Be The Good You Wish To SEE

Be the good that you wish to see in the world.
This old adage takes on a new form in the Jubilee Project. A not for profit organization founded during the colossal aftermath of the earthquake that Hit Haiti in January of 2010, Project Jubilee wasn’t even a project. It was just three friends trying to raise a little money to aid the Haitian relief efforts. Five years later, Jason, Eric and Eddie have created an impressive social media video platform. A platform that produces short films and documentaries, along with PSAs that raise and consequently change the perception of a bevy of causes. Project Jubilee has but one ultimate goal; stir to action the onlookers, while bringing light to numerous philanthropic efforts.
It’s undoubtedly amazing how a goal of one hundred dollars turned into a mega dais for organizations of all kinds, aimed to people of so many different types, tackling issues that range from wellness to economy to humanity. Project Jubilee has most definitely taken notice of the social media video boom and capitalized on it in the best way possible. However, it’s essential to remember that it was born in an era where video and sharing go hand in hand. It was bound to happen, but like all other things, it could have been used for good or evil. Lucky for us, Project Jubilee is simply comprised of really good, really genuine guys that want to save the world.
The projects cover issues and efforts that range from battling Alzheimer’s to blindness, natural disaster devastation and a few plain old feel good videos. Important issues that are so heart wrenching will always pull at your heart strings through these viral worthy documentaries, always aiming to ask one question; Now that you know something has to be done, what will you do?

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