Cool & Well-Dressed Presents: Kevin H. of Korrupt Designs

If you think you have an ill brand and wanna be featured, reach out man. If I fuck with the brand, we might be able to do somethin’; that’s what happened here. The east coast is back with another upcoming heavy hitter in the streetwear industry; Korrupt Designs. The New York-based streetwear brand kills shit at all levels; from cut and sew pieces to graphic tees. I got a chance to politic with Kevin Horvath, head of design and production at Korrupt. In this interview we discuss a fire proof windbreaker (this shit really exists), the pros to having a great work space/studio, the two-man team that keeps Korrupt running smoothly and a couple other dope topics.

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King Phill: Where did the name of the brand come from?

Kevin H.: I was young and looking back, I was going through a very rebellious phase. I came up with the name but didn’t want to make it so cliché, so I added the K because my name is Kevin haha. I didn’t know what was going to become of it, but as I worked towards it things became clearer.

King Phill: I feel you; some of the best shit comes from those rebellious times. You pulled any design influences from those times too?

Kevin H.: Yes, a lot of it does. My first piece ever was the Destroyer tee.

King Phill: That Destroyer tee (shown below) is very ill; what does the Kanji on the shirt say?


Kevin H.: It came from “DESTROY WHAT DESTROYS YOU”. The pattern says Destroy.

King Phill: That last collab you guys did with Amongst Others was ill; the “Prey For Reign” tee was my favorite out of the collection. Do you have any collabs in the works right now?

Kevin H.: Thank you very much and shout out to AMONGST. That’s family and more to come with them too. Hopefully we’ll have something worked up with Low Key Industries in the following months. It’s taking its time because were jammed packed with a lot of school work and personal projects; it’s coming along though.

King Phill: Dope; I already know that Low Key collab is gonna be crazy. It’s gonna be a whole collection or just one piece?

Kevin H.: Thank you man! It’s definitely going to be a few pieces.

King Phill: I saw what looked like a 3M windbreaker on the brand’s Instagram page; looked dope as hell. What was producing that piece like and when can we expect to see it released?


Kevin H.: Ah! That’s actually a technical fabric that is fire proof (shown above) hahahaha. There’s a whole collection behind that one windbreaker that was never fully released and documented. We’re definitely going to revisit that in the future, but for now it’s in the archives.

King Phill: Nice, that shit was dope as fuck. I can only imagine the visuals you could setup with a fire proof windbreaker. Are there a lot of 1 of 1 pieces that have just been archived until the right time?

Kevin H.: I know right! Yeah, honestly we do; actually, a piece with Low Key Industries that hasn’t been seen yet unless you follow me personally on Instagram.

King Phill: One positive thing I’ve noticed about a lot of independent brands these days is that they’ve really built a strong identity for themselves. Just by looking at the pieces and presentation, I can tell there’s a certain aesthetic attached to Korrupt Designs; what would you say that aesthetic is?


Kevin H.: I’d like to say it’s forward and silent. It has character, but many people haven’t seen that yet. It’s a growing brand that also grows with us, which is the best part.

King Phill: When do you think people will really start to pick up on the aesthetic of Korrupt or what do you think it takes for people to understand it?

Kevin H.: I feel like only so many will understand because, not to be so cliché but, it’s more than clothing; it’s a mentality.

King Phill: How big is the team behind the brand?

Kevin H.: It’s me and my brother in a basement that we’re slowly converting to a full-functioning studio. We deeply believe in being self-sufficient. Shoutout to our great friend Milo Selchaif who has gave us his time and photography talent to make visuals come true since day one.

King Phill: That’s ill. I like when there aren’t too many heads in on an operation. That studio sounds dope too. What essential pieces or areas do you think you’ll need to have a fully functional studio?

Kevin H.: Yes, it gives us more much more freedom. I’d say owning everything from a camera and camera equipment to printers; oh and of course knowing how to use it. It just gives you that much more leverage not having to rely on someone else.

King Phill: Do you think it’s more effective to drop seasonally based collections or a couple pieces whenever?


Kevin H.: What I’ve learned is that CONSISTENCY is key. The more active you can be the better. It will add substance, flow and structure. Right now, we’re focusing on two folders: Branding and Concepts; one gives your brand the image and the other gives it character.

King Phill: I agree completely. So you’re more leaning towards the releasing a couple pieces “whenever” versus keeping it strictly seasonal drops?

Kevin H.: Yes, I agree to a couple pieces whenever, but having consistency and not leaving large gaps between drops.

King Phill: What’s the concept behind the “Forever Always” capsule collection?


Kevin H.: Well, a lot of my work stems from my personal life and experiences. Forever Always is a group of us. We’re just very true to ourselves and we stick to the plan; no matter what’s in our way. Eyes wide -Mouth shut – Ears open.

King Phill: So the concept of “Forever Always” stemmed off from the morals and values amongst your clique or group of friends?

Kevin H.: Yes, absolutely; fundamentals of life.




Korrupt Designs: Instagram | Twitter

Kevin Horvath, Head of Design & Production: Instagram |  Twitter

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