10 Amazing Gadgets That Just Might Change Your Life

Inventing something┬áis beautifully overwhelming, isn’t it? On one hand, there are so many ways where someone’s invention actually helps people or reignites previous desires for products long past or even teaches people something. On the other, though, there are moments where people fall short of truly creating something. Technology’s advancement over the years has certainly helped tons of inventors and entrepreneurs get their products out of their dreams and into consumers’ hands. Below are 10 of some of the most amazing, innovative, and -frankly- downright cool products out there today.

  1. Root – A small robot that teaches users how to code by allowing them to program Root how they see fit; make it run, play a tune, draw a picture then erase it, or even respond to sensors on a user’s device like their phone or tablet. It has multiple levels teaching the basic to more detailed aspects of coding, allowing users to improve their skills. The best part is,┬áRoot and it’s accompanying app are suitable for users of every age. Find out more on their Kickstarter page.
  2. Freedrum – Any of your musician friends may fall in love with this innovative, lightweight design. Austin Berning, the inventor, got the idea for Freedrum (a pair of Bluetooth-enabled sensors you can attach to a set of drumsticks or your feet) when he was searching for an alternative to drum kits because his son wanted to learn how to play. It’s compatible with Apple iOS and Windows as well, it’s even small enough to fit in your pocket! Learn more about the project here.
  3. Rocketbook – This notebook seems to be a first; it’s a reusable notebook combining pages that can be wiped clean and used again while the notes are sent to your favorite cloud-enabled services like Dropbox and Google Drive. Rocketbook Everlast comes with its own free app with designated buttons to your preferred online storage. The special pages work with the Pilot Frixion line of pens and bonds with the paper quickly; the writing won’t come off until you wipe it clean with a wet cloth. Discover it here!
  4. SPUD – Also known as the Spontaneous Pop-up Display is 24 inch screen that opens and closes like an umbrella, weighs less than 2 pounds, and lets you easily connect your devices for work, school, or play! It contains USB and HDMI ports so you can connect your laptops, tablets, smartphones, any device! Find out more here.
  5. Bonjour – This clock might just change the way you wake up or sleep in or even get ready for work. This voice-controlled alarm clock has artificial intelligence and records your habits/activities/schedules, you name it. It can even help you get a better night’s sleep, remind you of upcoming meetings or events, inform you of the weather, even automate the devices in your home! So you can control lighting, heating, cooling, or even your home security systems. Check out more info here.
  6. SWON – In an average American household, people use approximately 17 gallons of water, which is pretty wasteful considering most of us spend our time waiting for the water to heat up. Water waste like this is harmful to the environment but luckily the tech gods have given us an answer with SWON. This revolutionary device attaches to your shower head and the corresponding app shows you how much you use and when, it can even help you save money! Find out more about this little guy here!
  7. Dashbot – Take A.I. to your car with this nifty little device. Dashbot is a Bluetooth-enabled device that answers your phone calls, replies to texts, plays your favorite songs, or finds a new route all without touching your phone! The masterminds behind this cool dash device is working on integrating with Amazon’s Alexa platform. Special noise-cancelling speakers find your voice through the sounds of your car and the road. Learn more about Dashbot and its amazing features here.
  8. Vue – These days, there’s a ‘smart’ version of just about everything on the market. Smartwatches, smart thermostats, security alarms, and even sunglasses. Vue’s taking it to the next level by creating smart glasses for everyday wear. You can make phone calls, listen to music or directions, track your activity, find your glasses if you misplace them. You can even get these with your prescription in the lenses. I might have to get a pair for myself! Learn more here.
  9. Halo Back – Playing off the smart everything on that last gadget, this one-of-a-kind screen protector is the very first one to be considered smart! The amazing Halo Back is the first smart screen protector that acts as a back button for your iPhone. No more drops trying to swipe back to that really funny video! It’s available in three options. Self-healing does just that – heals itself from everyday scratches! Glass Pro is a tempered glass version of the Halo Back and anti-fingerprint. Privacy keeps your personal and sensitive information away from the prying eyes of others. This seems like a must have for any iPhone user, no word yet on when any Android versions will come. But discover it here!
  10. Sevenhugs Smart Remote – The first remote of its kind where the screen adapts to whatever you’re pointing at. This remote is designed to alleviate the need for multiple remotes to control all the devices in your house and even lets you request an Uber right from the comfort of your couch. You can connect the remote to your devices via infrared, Bluetooth, or using WiFi. Learn more here.

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