Streetwear Brand Crucial Ltd. releases collaboration with recording group Divine Council tomorrow!

I hold a bitch up, like Simba. Then drop the hoe down like DECEMBA,”
Hopefully, you already know where that quote is from. If not, get hip. The quote is from $ilkmoney’s verse on Divine Council’s “Decemba Remix”, that features Andre 3000. 3 Stacks also directed the video for “Decemba Remix”, which is LIT. Richmond, Virginia-based group Divine Council consists of four members: $ilkmoney, Cyrax!, Lord Linco and producer IcyTwat. During a Pop-Up Meet & Greet in New York mid-December, the Council released a t-shirt collab with New Jersey-based streetwear brand Crucial Limited. Crucial and Divine linked back up for another collab that drops tomorrow! Below you can see the colorful hoodies that will be available Friday for $55 at Matthew Yoscary, Founder of Crucial Ltd., says “the idea came from $ilk’s love of cats. I just drew him as a cat, then the rest followed and the design came together. The Council are huge fans of bright colors, so we chose neon colors to print on.”

Photographer: Matthew Yoscary
Model: Kevin Popoteur

Stay updated with Divine Council and Crucial Ltd. on instagram at @DivineCouncil & @Crucial_Ltd


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