Moogfest 2017 Recap (Conversations)

Moogfest was incredible; I’m so glad I had the chance to attend this year. I actually shot Moogfest last year too; got to meet Rome Fortune and saw some dope shows. For those who aren’t familiar, Moogfest is “the synthesis of music, art and technology.”

By day, Moogfest is a platform for conversation and experimentation. This mind-expanding conference attracts creative and technology enthusiasts for three days of participatory programming in Durham, North Carolina. By night, Moogfest presents cutting-edge music in venues throughout the city. Performing artists include early pioneers in electronic music, alongside pop and avant garde experimentalists of today.”

Moogfest was a fast-paced, information-filled, thought-provoking four-day journey filled with mind blowing conversations, stimulating workshops and astounding live performances.

During the stint of the bull city-based festival, I attended five intellectually broadening conversations: Talib Kweli’s dialogue with The Atlantic’s David Graham about the nature of media in the age of the Trump administration, a discussion on the future role of religion in the scientific age, a Sci-Fi reading from collectives Afrofuturist Affair and Metropolarity, an exchange about the creative process between recording artists’ Lafawndah & Princess Nokia and a hilarious recording for Hannibal Buress’ live podcast featuring Flying Lotus.


In Conversation With Talib Kweli

Photo By King Phill

Knowledge; supreme knowledge. I felt so empowered just from listening to this man speak. Kweli gave us some extraordinary wisdom during his talk with David Graham and touched on many topics that most black people in America could relate to.

Here’s some footage from Kweli’s conversation in Moogfest’s Day 1 Recap:



Photo By King Phill

A real eye-opener. This one wasn’t for the religiously weak of heart. The speaker touched on the positives and negatives of practiced religion. He even gave a chance for attendees to defend their own belief systems.



Photo By King Phill

This was my first experience at a Sci-Fi reading and I can honestly say it was captivating. The tales read during Nowtopia were all stories that most millennials could find a relation to. From readings about online role-playing relationships to real life issues; it was dope.


Masterclass: Lafawndah & Princess Nokia

Photo By King Phlll

Sadly, Princess Nokia showed up a little late, but she more than made up for it with the great insight she gave about her creative process. Listening to Lafawndah and Nokia discuss music and their development was really inspiring.


In Conversation With Flying Lotus

(So I don’t have pictures from this conversation because the lighting was super trash from where I was at; forgive me)

If anyone tries to tell you Hannibal Buress isn’t funny, they have a fear of being real with themselves and aren’t your friend. It was just funny as hell. Hannibal, Fly Lo and Tony were all playing with synthesizers that would distort their voices during the podcast recording. When the episode drops, I’ll definitely update the article with a link to it for you guys.

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