Moogfest 2017 Recap (Workshops)

If you missed my first article about the awesome conversations I attended at Moogfest, you can head over here to check it out. Aside from the profound artists talks, panel discussions and presentations given at the tech-friendly festival, there were some great workshops going on as well!

While I was in DURM indulging in that good festival life, I attended five perspective-altering workshops: an hour-long rooftop yoga session, an exploration hosted by Afrofuturist Affair about the misrepresentation of women and people of color in science fiction (with a celebration of Afrofuturism), a showcasing of some of Durham’s elite black visual artists, a How-To on time traveling and an art session hosted by NCCU’s Fab Lab that ended in painted pictures that played music!



Photo By King Phill

First off, this was my first time even really doing Yoga; wild experience my guy. Jessica Collette led the session, but God had to take the wheel after half of those wild positions she tried to put us in. Half of the session I participated, 1/4th was me dying from too much yoga and the other 1/4th was me taking pictures. Here’s some photos of everyone else excelling at yoga.


Science Is Fiction

Photo By King Phill

This workshop was a REAL eye-opener for me; huge shoutout to Afrofuturist Affair for conducting this. I’m not a heavy follower of Sci-Fi, so I wasn’t hip to the lack and misrepresentation of people of color in it; I definitely am now though. These two great black women also educated us on Afrofuturism, which is the “speculative fiction, film, art, and music created by, or inclusive of, people of color.” Head over to their website to stay updated with all things Afrofuturist Affair!


Black Futures, Comics And Community

Photo By King Phill

This was one of my favorite workshops; I made a new friend and met some great, community-oriented people. The “wokeshop” was led by Blackspace’s Pierce Freelon (he’s also running for Mayor of Durham, SUPPORT HIM ASAP!) and featured the works of Malcolm Goff, Assata Goff, Jasmyn Milan, VZ and Jamal Walton. Even Jacques Nyemb, founder of independent comics publishing company Not So Super Comics (BLACK-owned), was there! We had a great time.


Quantum Time Capsule & DIY Time Travel

Photo By King Phill

For this workshop, I connected with the Afrofuturist Affair collective again. The topic this time around, ironically, was time. We explored the different ways we could all experiment with time travel using everyday tools.


Conductive Art

Photo By King Phill

Another one of my favorite workshops; NCCU’s Fab Lab put together an incredible experience with this one! Led by NCCU professor Eric Saliim, conductive art had everyone from ages eight to 50+ creating. Everyone painted a picture using conductive paint, then the piece was connected to a touch board that allowed unique sounds to come from the painting; wild, I know. Visual artist Jasmyn Milan entertained us with some live art during the workshop.

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