Moogfest 2017 Recap (Performances)

This week I’ve been recapping my experiences at Moogfest. I’ve already spoken on the conversations and workshops I attended, but the performances this year were dope too!

Moogfest had a pretty hefty line-up this year of artists from a wide array of genres. Out of the 70+ performances during the festival, I fit a solid seven into my schedule: Pie Face Girls, Omar Souleyman, Talib Kweli, Bearcat, Sudan Archives, Princess Nokia and Lafawndah.


Pie Face Girls

Photo By King Phill

It’s great to know Punk is still alive; this band is so lit. I shot them at a day party during last year’s Hopscotch festival, so when I saw them on the line-up for Moogfest I had to come! My favorite song from them was “Fuck You, I’m Pretty”.


Omar Souleyman

Photo By King Phill

This was my first time seeing Omar and really hearing his music. I had seen his name around and actually looked at a couple videos; thought he was dope. The wildest part of his performance was that he didn’t really do much on stage, but the crowd was going INSANE while he performed; it was crazy.


Talib Kweli

Photo By King Phill

Talib’s performance was such an experience; hands down my favorite performance. He did some classics and some new tracks. He even gave us even more knowledge in-between songs; it was beautiful. He closed out with “Get By”; it was too perfect. Almost forgot to mention that he even had Hannibal Buress do an impromptu short set before he came out.



Photo By King Phill

Before Moogfest, I had never heard of this woman; I really liked her name, so I just added her performance to my schedule. IT WAS SO DOPE. She was on stage with all her girlfriends, smokin’ blunts; it was great. She had an ill set; her mixes are A1. I wish I could have asked her the name of some of the artists she was playing.


Sudan Archives

Photo By King Phill

I actually didn’t even have Sudan added to my schedule; I was just with the homies, in-between workshops and needed to kill time. I’m so glad I saw her perform though; it was incredible. She’s a great musician.


Princess Nokia

Photo By King Phill

I’ve heard of Princess Nokia for a while before I saw her at Moogfest; I actually added one of her tracks to a playlist I dropped a while back. I knew she was full of energy from just hearing her music, but the live performance brought everything to life. She even brought her god daughters out on stage with her. Princess Nokia will always have my support; her music is DOPE, go listen to it.



Photo By King Phill

Lafawndah was the most pleasant surprise of all the performances I saw. I had never heard her name before and the only other interaction I had with her at all was a conversation she held with Princess Nokia at Carolina Theatre earlier that day. She performed after Nokia at Motorco and I was already super tired, so I planned on leaving. As soon as she hit the stage and the music started, I had to stay; it demanded your attention. Purely off of assumption and how she was during her conversation, I thought her music would be softer, or just not aggressive; I was COMPLETELY wrong. It was astounding! I can’t even really put it into words; it was just that good!

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