Cool&Well-Dressed Presents “Crucial Limited: What Are You On?”

Another brand I feel strongly about.  People always wanna say streetwear is dead, but I keep finding brands that make me feel genuinely otherwise. Crucial Limited, based out of Ridgefield Park, NJ, restores that feeling. From their conceptual designs to their simpler pieces, it’s all ill shit. Guarantee you won’t see less than at least three things you like in their online store. In this interview, I speak with Matt Yoscary, Founder of Crucial Limited, about his brand’s collab with past featured brand H33M, Ksubi reposting a hoodie he designed, his next plans for Crucial and we even touch on police brutality.
King Phill: I saw Crucial did a colalb with H33M a while back. I fuck with them heavy, I did an interview with them last year. How’d that collab come about?
Matt: KAHIM is a brother and a mentor to me man! I met him a couple years ago through The Good Company. I used to hit him on Twitter to buy their new clothes early from him directly. When I made my first couple pieces, he always fucked with me and showed love. We bounced mad ideas off one another; which we still do. It was only right for our first collab to be done together.
King Phill: I get a darker vibe from your brand thru the designs and pieces. A general “Fuck you, I’m tired of this shit” type vibe; I think that shit dope as fuck though. How would you describe the overall vibe of the brand?
Matt: The vibe can definitely be labeled as a “fuck you” kind of brand, but I’d rather it not have an identity for now. If anything, it would have to be mysterious. All of my stuff comes from my ideas and not all of it is negative; it’s just what I feel that day that I’m creating something. If I couldn’t say mysterious, it’s more of a “matt” vibe.
King Phill: What can we expect to see next?
Matt: my next big step is a sneaker. I would love to make a cut & sew jacket or something soon, but sneakers are so tight. You can wear them deadass all week with any outfit and I want to make that happen. I see some garbage sneakers and wish I could have a say in that. Ideally I wanna make it in collaboration with a big brand, but with hopes of that one day happening and so fools don’t take my ideas – I’ll leave them nameless.
King Phill: You don’t hear about too many streetwear brands based out of Jersey. Do you feel your surroundings influence the brand? What’s the streetwear scene like out there?
Matt: Definitely not. If anything, you can blame how much my town sucks for the reason why some of my things are negative! But realistically, New Jersey doesn’t influence me; nobody around me wants similar things or fucks with me as much as people from places like NY and Cali do. I only have a buddy here with an upcoming line who is into streetwear and he’ll tell you there is no such thing as a streetwear scene out here. BURMA is from NJ and besides that, I can’t think of anything else worth mentioning. It’s dead in New Jersey!
King Phill: Is the brand completely ran by one person or do you have a whole team?
Matt: Crucial is just Matt Yoscary. I do everything myself from designing to social media to shipping. It’s a headache sometimes, but I enjoy working alone and having nobody to answer to or mold my ideas.
King Phill: I see you fuck with Divine Council pretty heavy. I just got hip to their music, I fuck with them. I saw their name all over the place, then watched their No Jumper interview; shit was cool. Would you ever do a collab with them or is there one already in the works?
Matt: Dude, shout out Divine Council. I fuck with them so heavy; some of the nicest, most talented dudes I know. Silk is the fucking homie. They put me on so hard honestly; they’re always wearing my gear to the crazy places they go and perform. For real check out all four of them when you get the chance. Originally I reached out to Icy to send some clothes as a fan of his beats and as time went on, I came into contact with the rest. We kicked it a week or two ago for the first time and we actually do have a collaboration coming out on a hat, but that’s all I can say on that for now!
King Phill: You’ve done photographic lookbooks and promotional videos, which do you prefer or think connects to your customers better? I personally fuck with the FW ’15 Discipline video and the lookbook, but I like the video more.
Matt: I think the customers enjoy the pictures more, but I think the videos I have for promotion on my Vimeo are better for sure. They’re so unique, fucking tight and so well done; shouts out Eman. They really speak more than just a couple of pictures. They show less detail in the clothing, but they grab your attention; leaving you wanting more. They definitely give off that mysterious vibe I mentioned earlier.
King Phill: What made you decide to make the SQUARES Embroidered Polo? I don’t even like polos, but that shit looks ill.
Matt: Ha bro to be honest, I got those Polos to finish out a minimum embroidery order. I saw the blanks one day and I thought it complimented the jackets I released with it pretty well. There was a lot less thinking behind that one.
King Phill: How’d you link up with Karina for that H33M Collab shoot? Her artwork is ill and she’s bad as fuck; A1 choice.
Matt: Ha! Another move that wasn’t really a big deal. I know her roommate Justin and he’s a super talented photographer, so naturally he shot some of my shit and I just let them keep it. They’re super tight and I wish them mad luck in LA!
King Phill: I peeped that Ksubi posted a picture with one of your hoodies in it too (shown below); that free promo is lit. Other than it being a nice ass hoodie, why do you think they posted it?
Matt: Dude I just saw that too; me and Kahim geeked. I have no idea! Not only do I have no idea how they found it, but no clue as to why they thought it was cool and why they thought it was post worthy. I tried getting some jeans out if it, but it didn’t work. I guess they can see into the future and they see how lit H33M Inc. and Crucial are, so it’s an early shoutout.
King Phill: That “racist cops are terrorists” L/S speaks to me too man; especially out in North Carolina. Shit is too real out here man, what made you make that L/S?
Matt: When I designed that in 2015, it was in the height of all the police brutality going on around the country. I felt like every day there was something new on the news. There’s no room for racism in police work and this was my means of support through my creativity and clothing. I’ve been accused once of just capitalizing off of this situation, but that’s untrue. This was me using the outlet I have (that many don’t have or don’t appreciate if they do have it) to send a message and speak on the topic. I’ve gotten shit from lames for this shirt because I’m a white male, but that means fucking nothing. I’m not prejudice or racist by any means; it doesn’t take an idiot to see what’s going on is wrong.

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