eBay Enterprise

Digital Strategy/Social Media Management 

– Increased average Twitter impressions by 5%

– Increased monthly Twitter following by 65%

– Maintained average Twitter engagement rate of .8%

– Increased monthly Facebook impressions by 229%

– Increased monthly Facebook engagements by 110%

– Increased monthly LinkedIn following by 15.5%

–  Maintained monthly LinkedIn engagement rate of .50% (82.6% higher than global brand profiles on LinkedIn according to Forrester)

–  Compiled bi weekly, monthly, and quarterly social media reports

– Performed quarterly social media audits to form updated social media strategy

– Created social media content streamline structure


“During my time as Head of Marketing of Marketing at eBay Enterprise (now Radial), I brought Dev on board to take ownership of our social media channels. Before he joined our team our social media presence was suffering from a lack of engagement and consistency. Dev immediately assessed our problem areas with a social media audit, which included a slew of platform specific recommendations & best practices to increase engagement and content reach. After just two months he increased our social media engagement by as much as 110% across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Additionally, he increased content reach by as much as 229%. During a time when our company was gearing up for a rebrand and suffering from a severe lack of content production, Dev was able to carry us through 3 quarters of consistent improvement across each social media platform. Leading up to the re-launch of eBay Enterprise as Radial,  Devon worked autonomously and required little direction while implementing weekly social media content meetings, weekly social media reports, monthly social media reports, and quarterly social media audits all in a successful effort to keep our team informed concerning content strategy and social media progress. Devon’s ability to follow his instincts using data to guide him makes him a key component on any team looking to revamp social media and content strategy. I happily recommend him!” – Tami Cannizzaro, Head of Global Marketing, eBay Enterprise/Magento