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Companies, brands, and individuals influencing social change and promoting humility.

Black Friday: Mental Health in the Black Community (Documentary)

UFR presents, a short film, following Rwenshaun Miller & his fight to bring Mental Health Awareness to the forefront of the black community. Armed with his non-profit Eustress Inc, Rwenshaun takes us back to his… Read More

Missing the Bar: How The Education System Is Killing Potential By Killing Creativity

“When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come close to the conclusion that the gift of imagination has meant more to me than any talent for absorbing knowledge.” -Albert Einstein Ideally, the… Read More

Andiamo Finds Child Healthcare Solutions W/ 3D Scanning & Printing Technology

3D printed back brace by Andiamo

Andiamo is a startup based in the UK that builds healthcare solutions for children with disabilities using 3D scanning and printing technologies. The healthcare solution they are currently focusing on and fundraising for is orthotics… Read More