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Cool&Well-Dressed Presents “Low Key Ltd.: Garment Engineering Program”

There’s some real gems in this interview; hope you guys are receptive to them. Very glad I got this interview too; been watchin’ this brand for a while, Low Key been really killin’ shit out here. The… Read More

How A Jump From Engineering To Fashion Led Jessica Van To Mercedes Benz Australian Fashion Week

Jessica Van is a 27-year-old Vietnamese Australian fashion designer currently living in Sydney, Australia. Growing up in Canberra, ACT, she had plans to work in either medicine or engineering. After beginning college, she realized that… Read More

Team Epiphany: The Father of Influencer Marketing, Where Culture Meets The Boardroom

Marketing in every sense of the word is watered down these days. Every big name brand you can think of is doing their best to get their hands on an “influencer” to pump their product… Read More